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Why and How You Need Wi-Fi Direct Certification?

By Allion
Published: Nov 24,2014


Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park

Since July 2013, when it was designated a Free Economic Pilot Zone, the Ping­tung Agricultural Biotechnology Park has attracted 17 companies, including Loh­mann Animal Health, Ariake Foods, and T-Ham. Lohmann, the world’s fourth largest poultry vaccine manufacturer and an industry bellwether, invested more than NT$500 million in the park, estimating that it will create NT$2...

The Timing is Right for Advanced Clock-Tree Solutions

Today’s high-performance equipment, ranging from smartphones, connected TVs, cameras and printers to mobile basestations, telecom linecards, broadcast equipment and medical imaging systems, frequently comprises multiple processors, FPGAs or network processors, memories, and physical layer devices supporting multi-protocol high-speed connectivity..., The Most Potential Wired Broadband Solution

Last century, the Internet was new and data flowed over IP to connect the world. Due to limited bandwidth, only text-based email and primitive web surfing was initially available to consumers. As networking technology advanced, multimedia content delivery became more viable and as a result, the desire for bandwidth has steadily increased...

Wireless Charging, a Fantasy or the Future?

More and more companies have stepped into the field of wireless charger IC and planned to put it into mass production in the fourth quarter, including ENE Technology, Holtek Semiconductor, and Generalplus is going to unveil new wireless charger IC that the conversion efficiency rate to reach 80 percent...

Energy Harvesting Everywhere

As smartwatches, the Internet of Things, and wearable electronics gradually become mainstream applications, their power supply problems will also create major challenges for the development of future applications. Consequently...

Today’s Big Kids’ Ironman Dream

If the majority of girls’ dream is wishing to be able to become a Barbie doll, then the majority of boys’ dream is probably wishing that they could become Superman and save the world or that they could wear a cool suit of armor with many functions like Ironman...

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