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Genesis Photonics' Flip Chip Applies in LED

By Vincent Wang
Published: Dec 11,2014

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Genesis Photonics has been devoted in developing and researching LED epitaxial wafer and chip technology for 10 years, has made great progress in flip-chip packaging. The company has fostered flip-chip and eutectic bonding technology, which are to improve reliability of LED lighting fixtures, making them to reach stringent outdoor lighting standards.

Genesis Photonics spokesperson Lin Yue-zhi said that the flip chip technology has been applied into the outdoor lighting and car lighting.

The company's Package & New Product Division Assistant Vice President Simon Hsu explained the flip-chip technology, saying that a general flip-chip packaging process involves soldering, bonding and reflow procedures, with reflow attaining 70 percent bonding coverage.

Furthermore, the company adopts eutectic bonding technology, which is characterized by direct bonding. The technology places an eutectic layer of gold-tin alloy with thermal conductivity more than 10 times that for silver paste between the LED chips and substrate, and with ultrasonic lamination technology the two can be firmly and evenly bonded.

However, bonding minimizes bubbles and covers over 80 percent of the substrate that enables the high reliability of LED chips when operated at high voltages and high currents.

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