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In 2020, 10nm Will Occupy 55% of Revenue: TSMC

By Vincent Wang
Published: Mar 19,2015

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Mark Liu, Co-Chief Executive Officer and Co-President at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) gave a speech under the topic “Growth Beyond Mobile” on March 18, referring to Internet of Things (IoT) will be the main growth driver of semiconductor industry, he further forecast that the 10nm will occupy 55 percent of revenue in 2020.

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It is believed that in the foreseeable furture, besides the strong demand of the back-end cloud data centers, as well as a microcontroller (MCU) plus Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or networking chips for the front-end are also needed, which will become the main growth driver for the whole semiconductor ecosystem and supply chains.

When talking about the advanced production, as Moore’s Law continues, Mark Liu predicted that the 10nm will occupy 55 percent of the company’s revenue in 2020. On the other hands, TSMC will use immersion lithography tools for 10nm production, working with ASML with the objective at some future point if extreme ultraviolet (EUV) becomes manufacturing ready.

Meanwhile, TSMC will start 10nm production at its existing Taichung, Taiwan site, where the chipmaker will later embark on production at more advanced technology nodes

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