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WiseChip Is Showcasing Its Innovative Applications of PMOLED at embedded world 2017

By Korbin Lan
Published: Mar 13,2017

TAIPEI, Taiwan – PMOLED technology is showing its potentiality in various industries. And WiseChip Semiconductor, a Taiwanese OLED solutions provider, who fully displays the unlimited border of applications of the PMOLED technology. The company is showcasing its various innovative PMOLED products including display applications and OLED lighting at embedded world Exhibition & Conference 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany, during March 14 to 16.

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In comparison with AMOLED technology PMOLED architecture is simpler, the manufacturing costs are lower, and there are no minimum order quantity(MoQ) limitations. As a result, it is extremely well suited in diverse small-quantity products. It also features light weights, high brightness, and wide viewing angles, making it the optimal solution for small and medium size functional display for industrial, medical, automotive, and consumer electronics products.

WiseChip is a global leader in providing PMOLED display solutions with over ten years of manufacturing experience and dedication to the development, design, manufacture, and sales of OLED technology. WiseChip also has the second largest production capacity in the world. Currently, the company is exhibiting its latest products and technology applications at the embedded world 2017

in Nuremberg, Germany (Hall1 / 1-349).

In addition to the standard functional display applications, PMOLED display panel still has a very large market potential. And WiseChip continues to explore the use of PMOLED technology may be.

By using the thin and low power consumption characteristics, PMOLED can be used in small portable products. For example, WiseChip integrated a small piece of PMOLED display panel into a credit card to display personal financial information, so that users can immediately learn the financial information on the card.

Besides having excellent performance in display applications, OLED is actually an excellent lighting solution. Moreover, with the technology continually maturing and the production costs constantly decreasing, OLED lighting will also soon enter the phase of mass production.

In embedded world 2017, WiseChip showcases a three-piece candlelight style decorative OLED lighting product. The company said that OLED will begin to develop from auxiliary lighting applications such as decorative lamps and lights. However, WiseChip have selected more specialized color temperature applications, which are products under 2,000K, as its initial development strategy.

In order to give customers a better understanding of the PMOLED applications WiseChip will give a speech titled “WISECHIP's PMOLED Connect to Your Better Design and Life by T-OLED and P-OLED” in the Exhibitor's Forum of embedded world 2017 on 3/16 10:00 AM-10: 30 AM.

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