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Uwin Nanotech and Xin Ye Industry Assisting the Philippines in Establishing Green Mining Procedures

By Korbin Lan
Published: Mar 14,2017

The Uwin Nanotech nickel-stripping prescription is three time as fast, operationally safe, and protects the environment.

TAIPEI, Taiwan – Taiwanese environmentally-friendly precious metals recycling solutions provider Uwin Nanotech and Philippines Xin Ye Industry, Ltd. Inc. are currently collaborating with the Philippines government to establish environmentally-friendly and efficient mining procedures for the Philippines' mining industry. They are doing this in order to reduce environmental damage caused by the domestic use of toxic chemicals to obtain gold, nickel, and copper.

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The Philippines is rich in minerals, including gold, copper, and nickel, all of which are world-tier minerals. However, due to unfavorable economic conditions, their mining methods are very unadvanced, and this is not just in terms of safety in working environments. Their mining procedures also involve the utilization of large amounts of mercury and cyanide to obtain precious metals, and this is extremely harmful to the ecological environment of the Philippines.

At present, the Philippines government is actively upgrading their mining techniques and improving their continually worsening serious environmental problems which are the result of improper mining procedures. Philippines Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Head Regina Lopez is a staunch environmentalist, and under DENR's strict supervision the Philippines government has already shut down dozens of outdoor mines which did not meet environmental standards.

Besides banning improper mining, the Philippines government is researching how to employ more environmentally-friendly and efficient mining solutions.

In order to assist the Philippines' mining industry in creating next-generation environmentally-friendly mining procedures which will protect the local natural environment and employees' health, Philippines Xin Ye Industry is collaborating with the Philippines Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) to boost the safety and environmental-friendliness of their precious metals refining solutions.

To date, Uwin Nanotech and Xin Ye Industry have already presented their patented environmental nickel stripping solution to the MGB, and the MGB was greatly impressed by the effectiveness of the solution. Not only was this method of obtaining nickel several times more efficient than traditional solutions, but more importantly, the entire process and all of the formulas used are all harmless to the environment and humans.

“The Uwin Nanotech nickel-stripping prescription is three time as fast, operationally safe, and protects the environment. Our results were stunning to the MGB,” said Kenny Hsu, Managing Director of Uwin Nanotech.

Furthermore, in addition to nickel-stripping, Xin Ye Industry is also collaborating with the MGB on mineral products, such as gold and copper mineral stripping, and they anticipate being able to significantly improve both the working environments in the Philippines' mining industry and the country's natural ecology.

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