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III and China Steel Jointly Collaborate on Industrial Smart Glasses Solution

By Korbin Lan
Published: Apr 11,2017

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Institute for Information Industry (III) Smart Network System Institute and China Steel Corporation are jointly collaborating on the “Remote Master” smart glasses industrial solution. Using a specialized helmet equipped with smart glasses, it provides real-time working environment images, language voice communication, and remote guidance functionality to reduce difficulties for employees when operating machinery.

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The external appearance of this smart glasses industrial solution does not look very different from a regular industrial helmet. The difference lies in the integration of the smart glasses with the helmet. It is internally equipped with precision sensors to enable workers to keep abreast of work site situations at all times and provides real-time working environment images, language voice communication, and remote guidance functionality.

Through III's “Dynamic Object Tracking and Visual Correction” technology, it is capable of directly displaying real-time support information on the smart glasses, and label parts of equipment which are in need of maintenance. This not only significantly improves work efficiency but also reduces maintenance costs by 20%. It can also ensure working safety by monitoring the status of machine operators.

III Smart Network System Institute Director Ping Ming-hui stated that this headwear design eliminates the need for personnel to use numerous handheld devices, frees up their hands, and greatly increases work efficiency. We have high hopes that in the future Remote Master will be used in more industrial domains and lead to the development of more opportunities for collaborations.

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