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Keysight National Chiao Tung University Announce Opening of 5G mmWave Communication Research Center

Published: Sep 12,2017

Keysight Technologiesand National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) today announced the opening of the 5G mmW (millimeter-wave) Communications R&D Center. The collaboration provides a strategic partnership for the research and development of 5G communication technologies.

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The opening of the 5G mmW Communication R&D Center will contribute to the next-generation of high-speed broadband mmW wireless communications networks. The center’s test equipment includes a wideband arbitrary waveform generation, mmW signal generation and analysis, mmW real-time signal analysis, wideband transceiver and modem development environment.

“I am very pleased to attend the opening of the NCTU 5G mmW Communication R&D Center,” said Roger Nichols, director of 5G programs, Keysight Technologies. “We believe our solution provides the most accurate and flexible architecture and look forward to supporting NCTU, with its highly acclaimed talent and advanced research. This joint effort will help accelerate next-generation technology development.”

“One of NCTU missions is to cultivate the next generation of high-tech leaders and to take the lead in innovative and progressive technological research and development,” said Dr. Mau-Chung Frank Chang, president of NCTU.

“The results of our continuing collaboration with Keysight, and the demonstrated advances in millimeter-wave technology, provide critical proof of 5G viability. The collaboration represents a significant advance in the realization of 5G and paves the way for future economic accomplishments based on the government’s technology-driven objective.”

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