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VIA Launches VPai Slide 360-Degree Video Camera Platform

Published: Sep 12,2017

TAIPEI, Taiwan - VIA Technologies, Inc, today announced the VPai Slide 360-degree video camera turnkey platform.

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VPai Slide provides a production-ready iPhone-compatible solution for companies planning to enter the rapidly-growing panoramic camera market. It combines a sleek and stylish form factor with a user-friendly software app that provides a rich array of real-time immersive capture, stitching, editing, and sharing features. Multiple color combinations and other customization options are available.

VPai Slide shoots 360-degree photos and video at resolutions of up to 5MP, and features an integrated Lightning connector and dedicated battery and storage. The VPai Slide software app offers a rich array of real-time immersive video and image capture, composition, and sharing features.

“VIA continues to push the boundaries of ultra-portable 360-degree camera innovation with VPai Slide,” said Richard Brown, VP International Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc. “This highly-integrated platform enables rapid entry to this fast-growing new market.”

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