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Total Amount of Global Solar Installations to Increase by 26% from 74GW in 2016

By Korbin Lan
Published: Nov 02,2017

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Entering the fourth quarter of 2017, the global number of solar installations has changed significantly. Originally, this total was expected to fall to 70GW; however it currently looks like it will increase by 26% from 74GW to reach a total of 96-97GW. According to results announced by the German institution, Bernreuter Research, because of supply chain delays and inventory factors, this year up to 100GW of silicon solar cells and an additional 5GW of thin film modules will be manufactured.

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The Mainland Chinese silicon solar cell market has surpassed the predicted 35GW and will reach 52GW of installations this year. The United States returned to second place with an additional 12.5GW of solar cell installations, followed by India (9GW), Japan (5.8GW), Germany (2.2GW), and Brazil (1.3GW). Bernreuter Research stated that the markets in Australia, Chile, Turkey, and South Korea will reach scales of one GW.


In the second half of the year, solar supply chains will still maintain balance and be concerned about overcapacity, and this is mainly due to the record surge in demand in Mainland China in 2016. In actuality, during the first three quarters of 2016, Mainland China has already reached 42GW, and the amount solar cell installations in Mainland China may exceed 50GW in 2017.

The numbers of installations in markets with major demand, such as the United States and India are expected to be 12.5GW and 9GW respectively. In order to avoid being in the import tariff bracket in the United States, some of the American inventory of solar cell modules will be installed in 2018.

Losing the higher profitability of the American market will lead to rising prices of solar modules exported from Mainland China and a drop in the number of shipments as well as a reduced number of solar installations in India.

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