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VR Area Becomes a Hot Spot at Taipei Game Show 2018 “INDIE HOUSE”

Published: Jan 29,2018

(source: TCA)

TAIPEI, Taiwan - On this weekend, kicked start, with indie games immediately receiving almost as much attention from players as do famous game publishers and developers on site. VR Area in particular became a hot spot where gamers enthusiastically interacted with game developers. Meanwhile, Sweet Town attracted many female gamers with heart-pounding events that create romantic vibes for fans. On the other side of TGS, Board Game Wonderland brought a series of lots of original games,

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This year, Taipei game show boasted a lineup of 88 indie game developers from Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, India, Australia, the U.S.A., the U.K., France, Switzerland, Finland, Italy, Austria, and so on, putting forward games that fit its theme, “Game Unlimited”, which meant across various platforms, including PC, mobile devices, and virtual reality, forming a unique nation of indie games.

In addition, INDIE HOUSE has four areas planned to encourage players’ interaction with game developers from around the world. The four areas included Taiwan Area, North-East Asia Area, EU/NA/OC/SEA Area, and VR Area, all of which allow players to experience different cultures across the globe through playing games there.

The VR Area in particular attracted large groups of gamers with its dedicated spaces and unique, immersive VR gaming experience. On the other hand, INDIE HOUSE’s Taiwan Area, which boasted 33 exhibitors on site, was the most popular area among game players, reflecting players’ growing attention for Taiwanese indie games.

This year, TGS 2018 has set up “Sweet Town”, tailored especially for female game fans. Also at Sweet Town, heart-pounding activities held on stage give fans a chance to feel the romantic vibes and interact closely with charming cosplayers on site, presenting a sense of falling in love. Also at Sweet Town, heart-pounding activities held on stage give fans a chance to feel the romantic vibes and interact closely with charming cosplayers on site, presenting a sense of falling in love.

In the fourth year of Board Game Wonderland, the number of exhibiting games has doubled. With a total of 25 board game designers and 19 board game companies on site, Board Game Wonderland now becomes the best platform for debuting board games. Developers from Taiwan have also seized this opportunity to show visitors their talent by exhibiting numerous new games. At Board Game Wonderland, players and visitors can also exchange their views with game developers and learn about game development and the story behind each game.

This year, board game companies are also exhibiting their latest games, including “Sengoku Taisen TCG”, “Kingdomino”, “Rescue Polar Bears”, “Adventure Land”. “Sengoku TCG” is a trading card game that features historical figures from the Sengoku Period as game characters. “Kingdomino” is the winner of Spiel des Jahres 2017. “Rescue Polar Bears” is a cooperative game with realistic settings. “Adventure Land” has won awards in Austria, the Netherlands, and Germany. With games debuting at Board Game Wonderland, board game players have seized the opportunity to try out and purchase the latest things in here.

With regard to events and activities at TGS, GRAVITY takes the stage by inviting cosplayers from Sour Korea to come onto the stage as the company’s famous game character interact with avid game fans. International Games System has crowds flock to the stage by inviting famous Japanese actress dance and interact with passionate fans. In addition, Kim Hyung-tae, the artist behind “Destiny Child”, also appears at TGS, giving out autographs and limited merchandise of the game. Producers of “Lineage M”, “Gran Turismo™ Sport”, “Far Cry 5”, “DETROIT: BECOME HUMAN”, “ONE PIECE WORLD SEEKER”, and “Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet” are invited as well to share the latest developments of the games. Also present at TGS 2018, Taiwanese star Michelle Chen, who endorsed for “Tower of Saviors”, is celebrating the game’s fifth anniversary with game fans by giving out in-game items and limited edition products.

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