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Kneron's Facial Recognition Unlocks Devices in Only 0.2 Seconds without Connecting Internet

By Frank Yeh
Published: Mar 14,2018

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Artificial Intelligence solutions provider Kneron has launched a facial recognition solution which specializes in designs for unlocking smart phones. Even for entry-level smart phones, as long as there is a front lens with over a million pixels, after installing Kneron's human facial recognition software, through a deep learning algorithm, it is not only capable of accurately identifying facial features, but also determine whether or not it is the actual person and eliminate the risk of unlocking with photos and videos.

Kneron unlocks devices at a speed of 0.2 seconds with an error value of less than one ten-thousandth, and it enables a single cell phone to recognize multiple faces. Kneron's human facial recognition solutions are already being utilized by mobile phone manufacturers, and through their partnership with GMobi, they are expanding into the global market.

Kneron Chairman of the Board Chun Chen Liu explained, “traditional facial recognition technology still has a number of security holes. For example, in order to carry out recognition to determine whether photographs or videos are real people, high-end hardware specifications are needed, such as infrared lenses, high pixel lenses, and even altered hardware designs. Kneron provides innovative facial recognition solutions which endow entry-level cellphones with the capacity to utilize facial recognition unlocking functions which do not require new cell phone designs or new hardware components. Even through just software upgrades, they make it possible to achieve high accuracy and highly secure facial recognition.”

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