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YAMAHA Collaborates with ECON Automation to Deliver Integrated Robot Control System

By Frank Yeh
Published: May 29,2018

HSINCHU, Taiwan - Yamaha Motor Company Limited together with ECON Automation on May 25 at the Tai Yuen Hi-Tech Industrial Park in Hsinchu held a opening for its first new product presentation of Yamaha robots in Taiwan. The two main types of products showcased at the exhibition were the newest models of the “cyclic linear motor transmission system” and the “integrated robot controller system.”

Yamaha’s cyclic linear motor transmission system combines linear motors, rails, and sliders and controllers to make an expandable and cyclic type linear motor movement module. Below each mobile module, there is a linear motor for direct positioning; consequently, it can significantly improve on the shortcomings of traditional belt type sand roller conveyor belts such as poor accuracy of positioning and slow speeds. It can also reduce the time required for the installation of sensors on conventional conveyor belts and significantly reduce the amount of times the devices must be maintained by maintenance staff

The features of Yamaha’s linear transmission system modules include high rigidity tracks, manufacturing processes which can be carried out directly on the rails, and the capacity to save time on the manufacturing of products (a reduction from six seconds to two seconds). At the same time, it is unnecessary to install speed-reduction sensors, which reduces machine space, and the conveyor belts can move back and forth and carry out tasks with rapid movements.

At the product presentation, ECON Automation also announced a new type of robot product called the “integrated robot control system” YHX. YHX features the capacity to integrate 6-axis t vertical multi-joint robots, 4-axis SCARA horizontal multi-joint robots, single-axis robots, and linear motor transmission systems.

(TR/ Phil Sweeney)

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