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Imec Taiwan and ITRC-NARLabs to Collaborate on Advanced Imaging and Optics Applications

Published: Sep 20,2018

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Imec Taiwan, subsidiary of imec today announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Taiwan’s Instrument Technology Research Center of National Applied Research Laboratories (ITRC-NARLabs). Under the agreement, both research centers will closely collaborate on developing advanced imaging and optics applications. The MOU was signed at the Imec Technology Forum TAIWAN 2018 in Taipei, in the presence of Professor Yao-Joe Joseph Yang, the director general of ITRC- NARLabs.

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ITRC is subordinated to NARLabs, Taiwan’s National Applied Research Laboratories, with which imec Taiwan already concluded several successful projects.

Luc Van den hove, CEO and president of imec, stated that: “I am truly pleased by this collaboration between imec and ITRC, leveraging the strengths of both partners. ITRC’s researchers have years of experience, for example in advanced hyperspectral and other imaging instruments for satellites. And imec is a world leader in applying advanced technology to miniaturize and integrate imaging systems and displays and is a leader in image data processing. Together, we can develop a new generation of instruments that greatly improve the capabilities, cost and reliability of existing tools.”

Professor Yeong-Her Wang, the President of NARLabs, indicated, “ITRC has accumulated more than 40 years of experience in optical manufacturing technology, vacuum technology, opto-electro-mechanical integration technology and so forth. Starting the cooperation since 2014, ITRC has developed great relationship with imec- Taiwan, and therefore, both partners gratefully decided to sign the MoU for a closer cooperation on advanced hyperspectral imaging technology and wearable device applications. This collaboration is expected to effectively promote our NARLabs’ international visibility, to establish great partnership with global companies, and to increase Taiwan’s influence and reputation the in instrument technology field.”

Within the framework of the collaboration, imec and ITRC-NARLabs will jointly support the innovation lifecycle of local companies, from idea to product. Our joint innovation service, including development on demand of electronic systems, design of instruments for industry and manufacturing quality inspection, feasibility studies and prototyping, will help them to build future generation devices based on scientific methods, and shorten their time-to-market. The new collaboration also involves advanced R&D into imaging and optics, including spectroscopy and discrete optics components. As part of the collaboration, ITRC’s scientists will evaluate imec’s latest snapscan hyperspectral imaging camera system and characterize and integrate it for the use in microscopy applications. Possible applications are microscopic analysis tools for nanomaterials or human tissue. Furthermore, ITRC will also bring to bear their expertise in the development of optical components for highly integrated and compact projection display systems.

Peter Lemmens, managing director of imec Taiwan, added: “We are excited to be able to announce this agreement at this year’s Imec Technology Forum Taiwan, where we are joined by Taiwan’s top entrepreneurs and visionaries to discuss the future of technology. Also, this year imec Taiwan celebrates its 10th anniversary. In this decade, imec Taiwan has grown into a reliable R&D partner for the world’s electronic industry, designing, building and fabricating smart applications based on innovative hardware and IP. We are confident that this new collaboration will propel us to a new decade of innovation.”

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