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Taiwan, USA, and Philippines Jointly Hold E-waste Recycling Management Network Conference

By Korbin Lan
Published: Sep 26,2018

MANILA, Philippines - A trilateral cooperation between Taiwan, the United States, and the Philippines Department of Environment and Natural Resources held a five-day International E-waste Management Network Workshop from September 24 to 28 in Manila, the Philippines. The conference had fifty specialists in attendance from eleven partner countries in all five continents who shared the experiences with e-waste management. Taiwan’s successful experience of establishing a system for handling e-waste recycling through fund subsidies became a focus of consultation for a wide variety of other countries.

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The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) stated that the members of the delegation that they have organized for this year include specialized domestic scholars in the field of environmental protection as well as manufacturers, processors, and reusers, and at the conference they were led by the Recycling Found of Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) Deputy Executive Secretary Sung Hsin-chen.

In the opening speech Deputy Executive Secretary Sung Hsin-chen stated that Taiwan’s EPA was established in 2011, and has already collaborated with the United States EPA in holding seven international e-waste recycling management partnership conferences to expand the scope of Taiwan’s bilateral and regional international environmental protection cooperations, strengthen cooperative relationships in the Asia-Pacific region, and provide others with Taiwan’s practical experience in e-waste management in order to solve e-waste problems.

The EPA also explained that Taiwan’s successful resource recycling policies have become a model for several countries in the establishment of related systems. The E-waste Recycling Management Network Conference has been publicized for a number of years, and now Malaysia is considering adopting Taiwan’s resource recycling system and promoting a pilot project for e-waste recycling in Malaysia, making it the first country in Southeast Asia to adopt Taiwan’s Resource Recycling Management Board’s system.

At the International E-waste Management Network Workshop held in Manila, the Philippines, Taiwan continued to publicize the successful experiences of their resource recycling system while also linking upstream and downstream e-waste industries. The delegation also shared Taiwan’s experiences with implementing their model for extending producer responsibility as well as their reprocessing technology for the circular economy.

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