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Toyoda Gosei Develops Air Conditioner Register with LED Illumination

Published: Dec 06,2018

Toyoda Gosei has developed an air conditioner register with LED illumination that uses wireless power transfer technology based on magnetic resonant coupling, the first such application in an automotive part.

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The new vent register, used on the LEXUS UX, has LED illumination to improve the night visibility of the knob that adjusts the direction and strength of air flow. With a conventional wired power supply, the wire harness could break from repeated manipulations of the knob and other problems could occur. These issues are avoided with the application of a wireless power transfer technology. A wireless system also allows for greater freedom of design.

The new register also employs coupled mirrors within the lens of the LED light. This gives the ring of light an appearance of depth and creates a futuristic feel.

These technologies were recognized with the CE Special Award from Toyota Motor Corporation.

Toyoda Gosei is developing modular products that integrate electronics into automotive parts based on its core technologies in the polymer fields of rubber and plastics. It will continue to utilize wireless power transfer and other technologies in providing new values that will be needed by customers in the age of autonomous and electric vehicles.

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