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MediaTek Launches Newest Combo Chip with Wi-Fi 6 and AP+Bluetooth

Published: Jan 10,2019

MediaTek announced its newest intelligent connectivity chipset to support the next generation of Wi-Fi technology - Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) - for home and enterprise wireless network services. It will support a range of products including wireless access points, routers, gateways and repeaters, bringing faster and more reliable connectivity throughout the smart home.

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MediaTek’s Wi-Fi 6 chips support 2x2 and 4x4 which comply with the most updated standards. The Wi-Fi 6 chip also has a flexible architecture to support updated features when the Wi-Fi 6 specification is finalized later in 2019.

“Consumers rely on our high performance connectivity portfolio to power their favorite intelligent devices, and now with support for next generation Wi-Fi 6 we deliver an even more, robust and seamless connectivity experience,” said Jerry Yu General Manager of MediaTek’s Intelligent Devices business unit. “We will continue to innovate and bring the most advanced technology and standards to consumer and enterprise markets.” MediaTek currently holds market-leading positions in powering TVs, streaming devices, smart speakers, voice assistant devices and tablets.

MediaTek also brings unique built-in solutions to its chipset along with meeting the newest Wi-Fi standard to improve the end-users experience. MediaTek connectivity technology, empowered with OFDMA, 1024QAM solves data traffic conflicts. It reschedules multi-user’s packets and provides a higher internet data rate so there is no lag while playing on-line games or streaming video.

It also delivers better concurrent performance between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with the latest Wi-Fi 6 access point + Bluetooth combo chip to guarantee spectrum efficiency when two radios work simultaneously.

MediaTek also supports and is leading the deployment of the Wi-Fi Alliance EasyMesh standard for extended Wi-Fi coverage. MediaTek’s family of smart home chipsets will be EasyMesh compatible. The new standard extends the Wi-Fi signal for total access in the home or even into the backyard.

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