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Taiwan-UK AI Cooperation Creates New Opportunities

Published: Mar 07,2019

TAIPEI, Taiwan - During this year of AI Innovation, MoST upholds the "Small Economy, Smart Strategy" concept to endeavor to the development of AI ecosystem and further reboot the AI cooperation between UK and Taiwan, based on the foundation of constant bilateral exchange and cooperation in the past, in order to elevate the innovative momentum of Taiwan AI R&D and application.

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MoST and British Office Taipei will co-hold the "TW-UK Bilateral AI in Healthcare Workshop" in the Chang Yung Fa Foundation International Convention Center on March 7th 2019. Guests from the AI industrial, academic, and research fields of UK and Taiwan will be invited to communicate on the results of AI technology development and industrial applications.

Special guests of exceptional British AI scholars and experts including Professor Peter Edwards from University of Aberdeen, CEO of Aigenpulse Ltd., Dr. Tobias H. Kloepper, Professor Eiman Kanjo and Dr. Mufti Mahmud from Nottingham Trent University are invited to the venue.

Based on their expertise of mental health, smart city, or the IoT, they will attend the workshop to share about the AI research and development as well as technical applications. Furthermore, the platform of conversation between staffs of AI research Center of MoST and exceptional British AI scholars and experts is built in this workshop with the aim to help Taiwanese AI talents absorb successful experiences of the British AI field and further create more opportunities for UK-Taiwan AI cooperation through profound discussions between both sides.

MoST and British academic research organizations has promoted bilateral cooperation to encourage talent exchange and collaboration of researches, such as collaborations with the British Academy (BA) in the Humanities and Social Sciences field, collaborations with the Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) in the general biological science and biotechnology field, collaborations with Royal Society of London (RS) in the natural science field, and bilateral collaborations with The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE).

In July 2018, MoST signed the MoU with The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and in February 2019, MoST and NERC simultaneously announced the 2019 call to promote bilateral academic exchange and development. The cooperation is built through visits of scientists, exchange of researchers, sharing equipment, bilateral workshops or forums. The MoU with NERC has written a new page for the UK-Taiwan cooperation, which is beneficial for the sustaining communications and exchanges of technology on both ends, and lays down the bedrocks of future UK-Taiwan AI cooperation.

This workshop simultaneously holds the first Taiwan-UK WorldCafé, inviting the local scholars and experts who have participated or are interested in the bilateral exchange programs to share their experiences and thoughts and discuss on how to expand the bilateral cooperation and exchange programs from current base. The WorldCafé will focus on three major topics and proceed with three rounds of conversations, allowing attendants to discuss profoundly on "successful experiences in the bilateral exchange program", "values or challenges in cross of multi-parties", "suggestions of sustaining actions on future UK-Taiwan cooperation". We wish to collect knowledges and suggestions from attendants in order to strengthen future cooperation between UK and Taiwan.

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