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Efficiency Verification of New Generation Photovoltaics

Published: Apr 17,2019

Electricity plays an important role on the research and development (R&D) of the science and technology as well as human-being daily life. New Generation Light-driven Photovoltaics, (NLPVs, such as dye-sensitized, perovskite, quantum-dot solar cells and organic photovoltaics) have high efficiency not only under strong sun light but also under room light illumination. NLPV can serve as an electricity power for sensors and transistors of the Internet of Things under room-lighting. Bright future of NLPVs is expectable. Therefore, be able to evaluate precisely the photovoltaic performance of NLPV is very important for the applications of this new PV technology.

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Photovoltaic Efficiency Verification Laboratory (PVEVL), located in National Central University, supported by the Ministry of Science and technology, was found in 2013 with the technology help from AIST, Japan. PVEVL has performed the international run robin test with the prestige photovoltaic efficiency verification laboratories in Japan (AIST and KAST) and Korean (KIER) in 2014 to confirm our ability. Nationwide run robin test under both standard one-sun and room-light illumination was carried out in 2015 to help the NLPV research groups in Taiwan to measure the photovoltaic performance more precisely.

To provide the niche service for the industry to develop the NLPV products, PVEVL has passed the evaluation of Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) and become the first ISO/IEC 17025 certified solar cell calibration laboratory of MOST in the late 2017. The data certified by PVEVL were recognized as those from the international most prestige solar cell calibration laboratory such as AIST (Japan), NREL (USA) and JRC-ESTI (Italy).

The members in PVEVL also actively serve the PV community using their knowledge, such as help IEC and SEMI to set new standard for PV performance measurements and related equipments. The technology from PVEVL was recognized internationally, recently one company in Japan asked as to provide our services oversea.

With the continuous strong support from MOST, PVEVL will not just only provide the regular solar cell efficiency valuation service for both industry and academia. Our ultimate goal is to put the efficiency data from the excellent researchers in Taiwan on the international well-known data base, such as「Solar Cell Efficiency Tables」or「NREL Efficiency Chart」to let Taiwan be seen worldwide.

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