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III Utilizes NB-IoT Technology to Transform Public Toilets into “Smart Toilets”

By 潋扲湩䰠湡
Published: Jul 29,2019

TAIPEI, Taiwan - In order to assist station staff in solving problems with toilet complaints, Institute for Information Industry (III) is utilizing NB-IoT technology to develop NB-IoT application solutions for smart toilets. These applications are currently being utilized in twenty sites throughout Taiwan including Songshan Airport, Daan Forest Park, and assorted sightseeing spots, as well as in Taiwan Railways Administration’s (TRA) Songshan Station and Yilan Station.

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In 2017, the III team began designing an infrared toilet paper detection module which effectively detects current usage status in real-time. In addition, LINE Notify service functionality has been incorporated into portable devices which are paired with cleaning personnel in order to strengthen M2M application scenarios. This technology has been developed up until the present day and can be used to effectively control floor dryness, environmental odors, and the amount of toilet paper in restrooms. Furthermore, it can be utilized to automatically send notifications to sweeping personnel and reduce the need for staff patrols in order to increase work efficiency.

For TRA, this technology enables cleaning personnel to fundamentally handle the replenishing of consumable items and efficiently solve seventy percent of complaints regarding toilets. From the perspective of cleaning personnel schedulers, data analysis of toilet cleaning frequency can be of assistance in solving the problem of twenty-percent idleness in labor scheduling.

This year smart toilet NB-IoT application solutions are being utilized in the smart management of large public domains, which includes optimization of cleaning paths, cleaning field data, and AI patrol check-ins. Furthermore, these solutions will encourage cleaning and property management, which has traditionally been greatly reliant upon manpower to make use of IoT technologies to implement dataization in order to improve the use of staff and cleaning maintenance quality. In addition, a cross-domain alliance with the Sincere Group is expected introduce smart toilet solutions to terminals in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport by the end of this year.

(TR/ Phil Sweeney)

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