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Taiwan Tech Arena Delegation of Startups Attracts Global VCs in Silicon Valley

Published: Jan 06,2020

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Under initiative of Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of Taiwan, Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) organizes a delegation of startups for CES 2020. In order to warm up for the CES, TTA held “2020 Taiwan Demo Day” in Silicon Valley. 28 TTA startups showcased their best innovations in AI and IoT for global ventures, and 15 local Taiwanese investors and mentors are invited to practice in mentor talks to the startups.

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During the Demo Day, TTA invited its important partners in Silicon Valley, reviewing the impacts and opportunities that Taiwan tech startups can make to and from the world. Its matchmaking event also invited Vic Kapur (, Michael Crane (AWS IoT), Paul Ark (Digital Ventures), Anders de Jounge (The Financial West Group), and John Doricko (SiCamore Semi, LLC - Silicon Power Corporation), sharing views from investors.

Dr. Yu-Chin HSU, the deputy minister of MOST, indicated that there are 28 TTA startups attending “2020 Taiwan Demo Day”, they have impactful solutions in med-tech, cyber security, smart city and etc. Some of them are even awarded by CES in advance; it is not hard to see the potential of the startup delegation. Therefore, by leveraging Silicon Valley’s entrepreneur resources, we hope to help the delegation with reaching global business opportunities during the CES trip.

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