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New ASIX’s AX78120/40 USB 2.0 to Multi I/O Controller and AX99100 PCIe to Multi I/O Controller

Published: Mar 02,2016

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ASIX Electronics today announced the expansion of its I/O Connectivity ICs product portfolio with three new additions to ASIX’s MCS78x0 and MCS99xx series, including AX78120/AX78140 USB 2.0 to Multi I/O controller and AX99100 PCIe to Multi I/O controller.

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For chip-to-chip or system-to-system connections, these controllers provide cost effective, standards compliant, and high-performance embedded system applications, such as serial networking, data acquisition (DAQ) system, point-of-sale (POS) terminal, industrial control and building automation equipment.

With the rapid proliferation of USB interface in the embedded world, developers are looking for easiest ways to add USB to microcontroller-based applications in their design. ASIX’s new AX781x0 family features three USB connectivity bridge solutions including USB 2.0 to Dual Serial (AX78120, 1S or 2S), USB 2.0 to Quad Serial (AX78140, 4S) and USB 2.0 to Dual Serial and Single Parallel (AX78140, 2S+1P) controllers.

Enabling smooth migration from legacy system using ASIX’s MCS78x0 series, AX78120/AX78140 provide pin-to-pin compatible and driver backward compatible with MCS7810/MCS7820/MCS7840.

The AX99100 is a single chip solution that fully integrates PCIe 2.0 Gen 1 end-point controller and SerDes with a variety of peripherals such as four High Speed Serial Ports, one Parallel Port, I2C Master, High Speed SPI, Local Bus (ISA-Like) , and GPIOs. It consists of four main configurations such as 4S (PCIe to Quad Serial), 2S+1P (PCIe to Dual Serial and Single Parallel), 2S+SPI (PCIe to Dual Serial and SPI), and LB (PCIe to Local Bus/ISA-Like) for different kinds of applications.

The AX78120/AX78140, in 48/64-pin LQFP, and AX99100, in 68-pin QFN, are available with RoHS compliant package and supports commercial grade operating temperature range from 0 to 70°C and industrial grade from -40 to 85°C.

To help customers evaluate and develop applications with the I/O connectivity product family, ASIX provides comprehensive technical support including hardware/software application notes, user guides, schematics, PCB design guidelines, and software drivers.

Samples of the AX78120/AX78140/AX99100 are sample available now with mass production beginning at the end of Q2/2016.

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