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AAEON Rolls Out Vehicle-Specific Embedded PC Duo

Published: May 24,2016

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AAEON releases a pair of vehicle-centric embedded devices – the VPC-3300S and VPC-5500S – for facilitating traditional vehicles the transition to NVR platforms.

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Built as in-vehicle network video recorders, both devices can essentially double up as fully fledged embedded PCs due to their versatility. First of all, the pair maintains the E13 certification for intended deployment in motor vehicles. Power Ignition Control is also incorporated as a form of protection against the power condition of vehicles, activating/ deactivating the device only after a preset time when the power supply is stable.

Considering the general condition the devices may be subjected to as the vehicle travels, the pair’s operating temperature is supported from -20°C to 70°C, tested with the MIL-STD-810G standard, and designed to support a range of voltages (9 – 36 V for VPC-3300S, 10 – 35 V for VPC-5500S) to ensure utmost viability for vehicular use. In addition, the pair adopts a fanless thermal solution that is less prone to breakdowns than its fanned counterpart.

The two devices are primarily differentiated by the processor powering them: The VPC-3300S uses an Intel Celeron J1900 that drives the device’s 8 GB memory support, PoE, built-in satellite navigation (GPS/BDS/GLONASS), DI/Os, VGA and HDMI, LAN ports and CAN Buses, while higher tier VPC-5500S sports an Intel® Core™ i7-4700EQ that, in addition to the abovementioned features, enhance memory support to 16 GB and adds DisplayPort as an extra display option.

“The Duo is created for the IoT era” said Jill Wang, Product Manager of AAEON’s Network Security Division “With both economical and performance-oriented options to choose from, transport operators can take advantage of IoT and turn their fleet into mobile infotainment platforms”.

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