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Industry’s First 16nm Nx56G PAM-4 PHYs from Broadcom for Wired Network Infrastructure

Published: Mar 06,2017

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Broadcom Limited announced a comprehensive portfolio of Nx56G PAM-4 PHY devices enabling 50GbE, 100GbE, 200GbE and 400GbE connectivity for wired network infrastructure that includes enterprise, cloud-scale data center, and service provider networks.

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The new PHY devices deliver best-in-class performance with integrated FEC and equalization while offering unprecedented power efficiency. Complementing latest switch processor chips with 56G PAM-4 interfaces, the new PHY portfolio fully enables end-to-end PAM-4 connections between network switches, expanding the bandwidth capacity of the wired network.

“Doubling the per lane data rate from 28 Gb/s to 56 Gb/s is critical to meeting the rapidly increasing bandwidth requirements in today’s cloud computing and hyper-scale data center environments,” said Lorenzo Longo, senior vice president and general manager of the Physical Layer Products Division at Broadcom.

“Our third generation PAM-4 PHYs provide the highest performance and lowest power solutions in the industry, drive faster time to market for our customers, and expand bandwidth capacity of next generation networks.”


• Long-reach performance capable of compensating for >30dB of insertion loss at 56 Gb/s

• Protocol agnostic supporting various interconnect interfaces:

• System side interface options and compatibility to support both legacy 28Gbps NRZ I/Os and next generation 56Gbps PAM-4 I/Os on standard product Switch chips and ASICs

• Guaranteed interoperability with Broadcom’s standard product Switch chips and ASICs

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