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Holtek New HT32FP2350/2450 USB Power Delivery Fast Charger MCU

Published: Nov 02,2017

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Holtek announces the release of two new USB-PD (USB Power Delivery) Fast Charger MCUs, the HT32FP2350 and HT32FP2450. These devices can both implement PD 3.0 communication and can be integrated with power management circuitry and used in products such as car chargers, mobile power banks and many others.

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The HT32FP2350/2450 has integrated both the PD 3.0 physical layer and communication protocol. After connecting with a USB Type-C port the HT32FP2350/2450 will process the PD signal which is provide by the device side such as a mobile phone, tablet computer or notebook computer. The output voltage will be adjusted according to the device requirements for fast charging.

The HT32FP2350 includes a voltage buck circuit while the HT32FP2450 includes a voltage boost circuit, which will directly adjust the voltage level according to the device requirements, removing the need for any external power management IC. In addition to implementing these voltage management functions, a comprehensive set of protection features are also included such as over voltage, under voltage, over current and over temperature.

At its 2017 New Product Presentation, Holtek will display a car charger module designed using the HT32FP2450. This can implement a 5V~20V output voltage range and meet the PD fast charging requirements of the iPhone8, MacBook etc. With the same body size as traditional car chargers, it can deliver up to 30W of power to support the PD fast charging requirements for the Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone X. With Android phones already beginning to offer support for fast charging, it is fast becoming a mainstream specification.

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