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Leadtek Releases NVIDIA Quadro GV100 to Bring the Power of AI to Desktop Workstation

Published: Apr 11,2018

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LEADTEK releases NVIDIA Quadro GV100 powered by NVIDIA Volta architecture which is the world’s most advanced visual computing GPU ever, with 32 GB of HBM2 memory, delivering over 40% the double precision compute performance and over 2.5X the deep learning procession performance of the previous-generation Quadro GP100.

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Users can even connect two GV100 cards using NVLink provides 64 GB of HBM2, enabling work with largest models, renders, analysis, simulation, and deep learning datasets. The Leadtek NVIDIA Quadro GV100 is reinventing the workstation to meet the demands of AI-enhanced design and visualization workflows for creative and technical professionals, software developers, and data scientists across manufacturing, media & entertainment, medical, AEC, oil & gas, scientific visualization, HPC, and AI/Deep Learning.

Different from general Quadro series, the new Quadro GV100 includes 7.4 TFLOPS double-precision FP64, 14.8 TFLOPS single-precision and 640 NVIDIA Tensor Cores enabling up to 118.5 TFLOPS of deep learning performance. Working with the equipped 32GB of high-bandwidth memory capacity, Quadro GV100 improve the analysis and visualization of design, engineering, and digital-content creation workflows with stereoscopic 3D display from a wide range of devices.

It gives professionals who need the most extreme levels of performance to complete complex projects faster and accurately with AI-accelerated denoising. It means businesses can explore more design options with faster solver performance, optimize their designs for quality and cost, and launch groundbreaking products to market faster.

More importantly though, professionals can connect up to two Quadro GV100 with NVIDIA NVLink GPU interconnect technology, meaning the memory and performance can be scaled up to 100 GB/s in a single workstation chassis. With the NVIDIA VRWorks suite of APIs, libraries, and engines allow developers to create amazing virtual reality experiences. VR-ready support for HMD displays enables developers to render the most complex photorealistic images interactively and explore results and validate designs in immersive virtual reality environments.

AI is transforming professional workflows, engineers can now create groundbreaking products faster, architects can design buildings that could only have existed in their imaginations, and artists can render complex photorealistic scenes in seconds instead of hours. As applications continue to be enhanced with AI, professional computing tools need to keep pace.

The Leadtek NVIDIA Quadro GV100 is designed to reinvent the workstation to meet these next-generation demands. Plus, Leadtek offers exclusive service including 3 year warranty and a global team of technical support for all Leadtek NVIDIA products series to give professionals the best user experience ever.

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