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HOLTEK New BS45F3833 Atomiser MCU

Published: Sep 06,2018

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Holtek announces the release of a new addition to its Atomiser Flash MCU range with the new BS45F3833. This new device uses a new type of touch water detection which greatly improves the precision of water shortage protection/detection. The integrated atomiser control module unit within the MCU is used to generate the atomiser frequency tracking and water shortage detection control. The magnetic or dry reed pipe is not required during water shortage protection/detection. These features all combine make the device an excellent choice for various types of atomiser and humidifier products.

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This device has powerful drive capability which can directly drive a power MOS transistor with a high operating efficiency. As there are no heating issues, the external MOS transistor heat sink can be omitted, therefore reducing the required number of external components resulting in reduced manufacturing BOM costs and PCB area size. This new device has an integrated touch circuit, 2K words of Flash Program Memory, 128 bytes of Data Memory, 32 bytes of True EEPROM Memory, an internal high accuracy system oscillator of 12MHz, a 12-bit A/D Converter and Timer Modules which can implement both LED illumination level and colour change functions.

With regard to packaging, the device is supplied in both 16-pin and 20-pin NSOP package types.

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