? HOLTEK New HT45F6530 AC Voltage Regulator MCU
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HOLTEK New HT45F6530 AC Voltage Regulator MCU

Published: Oct 29,2018

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Holtek announced the release of its new AC Voltage Regulator (AVR) MCU, the HT45F6530. This new device can implement the measurement of AC input/output voltages as well as zero crossing detection, making it suitable for use in AC voltage regulator products.

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The device includes fully integrated dual operational amplifiers and a 12-bit D/A Converter to implement input/output voltage measurements. By using its internal comparator, the device can rapidly and precisely respond to a zero crossing detection point. In addition, the device is able to measure the relay delay time and store the value into its internal EEPROM, thus reducing greatly the required number of external components, eliminating the need for manual calibration and reducing PCB BOM costs.

The device includes a Flash Program Memory capacity of 2K×15, a Data Memory capacity of 128 bytes, a true EEPROM Memory capacity of 32 bytes and Timer Modules. With regard to packaging, the device is supplied in 20-pin NSOP, 24-pin SSOP and 24-pin SOP package types. The Holtek official website provides customers with a complete AVR application note for their reference.

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