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Published: Nov 15,2018

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Holtek announces the release of its new Flash MCU, the HT68FB571. This new device is dedicated for use in LED Gaming Keyboard applications and has the special feature of requiring no additional external transistors. By using a scanning I/O drive method, it can simultaneously interface up to 128 monochrome LEDs as well as keyboard scanning. With these features the device offers an excellent cost/performance ratio for Gaming Keyboard applications.

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On single layer PCB types, the device’s pin setup can greatly reduce the need for jumper connections. In addition, the device also offers a high scanning frequency of 1.5kHz, allowing excellent LED display effects. With regard to system resources, the device includes a program memory capacity of 8K×16, a data memory capacity of 512×8 and a True EEPROM capacity of 64×8. As for external interfacing, an SPI interface is provided. With regard to packaging, the device is supplied in both 48-pin LQFP and 28-pin SSOP package types to meet the demands of monochrome LED Gaming Keyboard applications.

The HT68FB571 retains all the features of the HT66FB5x0 and HT68FB5x0 series devices as well as supporting ISP online firmware updates.