? HOLTEK New HT82V742 Audio PWM Driver
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HOLTEK New HT82V742 Audio PWM Driver

Published: Jan 03,2019

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With a focus in the audio application area, Holtek announces the release of its new Audio PWM Driver, the HT82V742. The device is suitable for a range of voice products, such as intelligent voice locks, voice appliances, hand-held voice equipment, voice toys etc.

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The device uses class D amplifiers which provide a much higher conversion efficiency of up to 90%, thus reducing heat energy losses. Its wide voltage input characteristics reduces the need for a voltage conversion IC allowing it to operate in 3V or 5V voltage systems. The device can deliver 1.5W into an 8 load at a 5V operating voltage. An integrated non-overlap circuit is used to improve voice quality. The BTL output can directly drive speakers.

The HT82V742 device is supplied in an 8-pin SOP package type, which can meet various voice application requirements.

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