? HOLTEK New HT68F0021/HT68F0031 Cost-Effective MCUs
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HOLTEK New HT68F0021/HT68F0031 Cost-Effective MCUs

Published: Jan 15,2019

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Holtek wishes to announce two new additions to its Cost-Effective Flash MCU range with the release of the HT68F0021 and HT68F0031 devices. Compared with their predecessors, the HT68F002 and HT68F003, these new devices support a low operating voltage down to 1.8V and include integrated high resolution oscillators, making them more suitable for a range of timing products, small household appliances and industrial control products.

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The devices have an operating voltage of 1.8V~5.5V and system resources which include 1K×14 bits of Flash Program Memory, 64×8 bits of RAM, 32×14 bits of emulated EEPROM, an 8-bit PWM, an 8-bit Timer and a single Time Base function. Two oscillator options are provided, one is an 8MHz HIRC and the other is a 32kHz LIRC.

The integrated high resolution HIRC and LIRC oscillation circuits both have a resolution of ±1% under the conditions of fixed voltage and fixed temperature. The HT68F0021 is supplied in an 8-pin SOP package type while the HT68F0031 is supplied in a 16-pin NSOP package type.

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