? HOLTEK New HT68F0036 High Current I/O MCU
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HOLTEK New HT68F0036 High Current I/O MCU

Published: May 06,2019

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Holtek wishes to announce a new addition to its Cost-Effective Flash MCU range with the release of the HT68F0036. This new device includes integrated high current I/Os, making it suitable for a range of laser head related products, such as laser flashlights, stage laser beam modules, laser positioning lamps to name but a few. As the device’s integrated 5 groups of high current I/Os can directly drive various types of lasers, the usually required external MOS transistor can be omitted. In addition, a pair of PWM complementary outputs can directly drive a buzzer, thus greatly reducing the required number of external components which will result in reduced manufacturing costs and improved productivity.

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The device has an operating voltage of 1.8V~5.5V and system resources which include 1K×14 bits of Flash Program Memory, 64×8 bits of RAM, 32×14 bits of emulated EEPROM, 8-bit PWM complementary outputs, an 8-bit Timer and a single Time Base function. Two oscillator options are provided, one is an 8MHz fully integrated high speed RC oscillator, HIRC, and the other is a 32kHz fully integrated low speed RC oscillator, LIRC. These integrated high resolution oscillation circuits both have a resolution of ±1% under fixed voltage and fixed temperature conditions. The device is supplied in a 16-pin NSOP package type.

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