? ASDM-S-KBU: Bring the Edge to Smart Display Solutions
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ASDM-S-KBU: Bring the Edge to Smart Display Solutions

Published: Jul 23,2019

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AAEON announces the ASDM-S-KBU, the only Intel SDM Small (SDM-S) module featuring 7th Generation Intel Core processors (formerly Kaby Lake). The ASDM-S-KBU offers unparalleled computing power for its compact size, capable of powering AI Edge applications.

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The ASDM-S-KBU brings the high performance of Intel Core processors to the compact Intel SDM-S form factor. As small as a credit card, the ASDM-S-KBU combines the 7th Generation Intel Core series and Celeron 3965U processors with up to 8GB of DDR memory, providing scalability for smart displays that are slimmer and more compact. The ASDM-S-KBU can power embedded computing applications such as interactive kiosks and smart vending machines.

The ASDM-S-KBU features the performance to push smart displays to the Edge. Tested compatible with OpenVINO, the ASDM-S-KBU can power AI Edge applications for smart displays. Applications include context sensing in virtual dressing rooms, which can determine a person’s age, gender and body shape. It can also be used to power Smart Retail and Smart Vending solutions, or even deployed as part of the Smart City ecosystem.

The ASDM-S-KBU is backed by the same industry leading support offered with all AAEON products. From technical service that promises a response within 72 hours, to our manufacture services and OEM/ODM support, AAEON is the reliable partner for developers and system integrators. AAEON offers end-to-end support for the ASDM-S-KBU, including carrier boards and system chassis to help you build your project.

“The ASDM-S-KBU brings the power of Intel Core processors and Edge Computing to compact smart display systems,” said Ian Lin, Project Manager with AAEON’s Embedded Computing Division. “Backed with AAEON support, the ASDM-S-KBU is the best solution for smart displays in education, digital signage, and more.”

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