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HOLTEK New HT66F0181 1.8V Low Voltage A/D MCU

Published: Jul 25,2019

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Holtek announced the release of a new device addition to its A/D Flash MCU range, the HT66F0181. This is provided as a streamlined product to the HT66F018 device. This new device has the features of 1.8V low operating voltage and a high-accuracy internal oscillator as well as the integrated large current I/Os which can directly drive LEDs, making the device suitable for small household appliances, industrial control, power banks and other related applications.

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The device includes a Flash program memory capacity of 4K×15, RAM capacity of 128×8 bytes, emulated EEPROM capacity of 32×15, 8 channel 10-bit A/D Converter as well as a Low Voltage Reset function. The device provides 18 internal large current I/Os, which can directly drive LEDs and which have a 4-level programmable current output. The device also provides a 10-bit PTM, a 10-bit STM and two Time Base functions.

The HT66F0181 is supplied in package types, which are pin-compatible with the 16-pin NSOP and 20-pin NSOP/SSOP/SOP package types of the HT66F018 as well as the 20-pin NSOP package type of the HT66F0182.

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