? Rugged Display Technologies Enhance Reliability
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Rugged Display Technologies Enhance Reliability

Published: Aug 26,2019

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Avalue upgrades its display technologies to overcome the potential problems of operation in harsh and demanding environment such as rapid change of temperature, high humidity, heavy dust, and the worst problem: optical interference caused by reflection, refraction and scattering of light. Avalue industrial touch panel PC adopts several unique designs to make it as an ideal and remarkable product for not only suitable or outdoor application, also ideal for harsh industrial operating environment, such as vehicle, oil/energy, power plant, chemical, public transportation and so on.

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Avalue provided high contrast ratio display, LED backlight, and active high brightness enhancement up to 1500 nits, ensuring excellent visual readability under any lighting condition.

Avalue offers 3 diffrent coating technologies for PCAP touch panel PC to solve light interference and problems caused by temperature, fog and dust. Anti-glare (AG) coating helps to reduce the light interference by reduction of reflected light on the surface of screen. Anti-reflection (AR) coating assists reducing light reflection and increasing screen transparency. Anti-fingerprint (AF) also called Anti-smudge (AS) coating provides a low coefficient of friction of the screen and makes the surface have the advantages of high waterproof, anti-fingerprint, anti-fouling, anti-fog, anti-scratch, anti-static and easy to clean.

To solve the trouble brought by different kinds of physical phenomenon of light, Avalue touch panel PC is featured with optical bonding technology. Optical bonding is a dedicate technology to eliminate all the possible seams and air between layers to help light fully pass through the glass and avoid the ghost image caused by light fraction.

Avalue has been develop touch mode change UI under Windows operating system, user can easily change touch mode just one click, no reboot require for the change, We provide maximum 3 different kinds of touch mode for user like water, snow, glove…etc. This customized service has increased the working efficiency for customer who need to install their Panel PC at different places.

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