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HOLTEK HT79171/HT79181 – High-Efficiency 5A/6A Peak Current Synchronous Step-Up Converter

Published: Nov 18,2019

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Holtek has released new high-efficiency synchronous step-up converters, the HT79171 and HT79181, capable of driving peak currents of up to 5A/6A respectively. These devices have extremely low RDSON values of only 25mΩ/45mΩ for the HT79171 and 20mΩ/40mΩ for the HT79181. Both provide up to 95% efficiency for heavy loads. Under light load conditions, the devices reduce the switching frequency to achieve lower standby power consumption.

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Not only possessing the advantages of high efficiency, the HT79171 and HT79181 can also operate with low supply voltages down to 2.2V, which results in longer battery life when compared with other solutions. This makes them perfect solutions for single cell Li-Ion, Li-Socl2 and Li-MnO2 battery applications. The devices are well suited for use in 5V/2A and 5V/3A Power banks, NB-IOT, GSM, GNSS and GPRS. Additionally, the load disconnect function allows the output voltage reduce to 0V when shutdown.

These two new devices include a complete set of protection functions which include soft-start, under voltage lock-out, programmable over current limit protection, over temperature protection, output over voltage protection and output short protection. With regard to package types, the HT79171 is supplied in both 10-pin QFN and 8-pin SOP-EP packages while the HT79181 is provided in a 10-pin QFN package.

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