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HOLTEK New HT45F0063 Multi-channel RGB LED MCU

Published: Dec 17,2019

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Holtek announced the release of a new RGB LED Flash MCU, the HT45F0063, which is an extension device to the HT45F0062, and which provides an enhanced level of system resources.

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The new device’s RGB LED driving circuitry supports both scanning and direct driving modes and can drive up to 48 dots allowing it to therefore accommodate 16 RGB LEDs. This makes the device suitable for use in a wide variety of multi-colour RGB LED display applications, such as wireless charging stations, intelligent sound boxes, gaming mice, gaming memory cards, gaming headphones, gaming cooling fans, intelligent night lights, waterfall string lights, etc.

With regard to system resources, the HT45F0063 includes 4K×16 bits of Flash Memory, 256×8 bits of Data Memory, a 10-bit Compact Timer Module and a Time Base function. The device also includes a COM driver, an 8-bit LED constant current source and three groups of 8-bit PWM generators which can effectively display up to ten million different colours. With regard to external interfacing, an I²C interface and a single line cascading transceiver interface are provided.

With regard to packaging, the device is supplied in both 24-pin SSOP-EP and 24-pin QFN package types.

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