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Holtek New BA45F5220 Smoke Detector MCU

Published: Jan 15,2020

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In the area of fire prevention products, Holtek announces a new smoke detector dedicated MCU, the BA45F5220. This new device includes a fully integrated smoke detector AFE, a dual channel IR LED constant current driving circuit and with its low-pin-count package types it should find excellent use in streamlined smoke detection products.

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The device contains a 1K×14 Flash Program Memory, a 64×8 Data Memory, a 32×14 EEPROM, a 10-bit PTM and a multi-channel 10-bit A/D Converter. The integrated smoke detector AFE contains filtering and amplifying circuits which are required by the IR Sensor. With the exception of an IR sensor, this device requires no external components. The dual channel IR LED constant current driving circuit provides up to 360mA and 205mA driving capabilities which can be software adjusted in stages thus minimising the need for peripheral components.

With regard to packaging, the BA45F5220 is supplied in both 8-pin and 10-pin SOP package types. The device is fully compatible with the BA45F5222 in terms of electrical characteristics, pin definition and package types, allowing it to directly replace the BA45F5222. When compared with the previous BA45F5240, this new device retains the smoke detection core circuits but provides low-pin-count package types, making it more suitable for use in streamlined smoke detection products and smoke detection modules.

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