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HOLTEK New HT66F4560 MCU with 4-level Adjustable Bandwidth OPA

Published: Sep 14,2020

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Holtek announced the release of its new A/D with OPA Flash MCU, the HT66F4560. One of the chief features of this device is its 4-level adjustable bandwidth integrated operational amplifiers. This feature makes this device especially suitable for use in sensor related applications which have low power consumption requirements or which demand rapid response times, such as smoke detectors, PM2.5 detectors, CO detectors, oximeters, etc.

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In meeting with the industrial specifications requirement of -40℃~ 85℃ operating temperature and with their high noise immunity characteristics, this device also includes an abundant set of system resources. Features include 16K Words of Flash Program Memory and a range of peripheral functions such as a 12-bit A/D converter, 8-bit D/A converter, comparator, OPAs, multi-function Timer Modules, I2C/SPI and UART interfaces.

The HT66F4560 device provides an additional 16-bit D/A Converter which can implement voice functions. The integrated OPAs can be used to amplify small environmental analog signals, which with its 4-level bandwidth selection function, enables users to adjust the bandwidth according to their required response times to effectively further reduce power consumption.

With regard to packaging, the HT66F4560 is supplied in 28-pin SSOP and 48-pin LQFP package types. Compared with the previously released HT66F4530/40/50 devices, the HT66F4560 has an expanded Flash Program Memory, Data Memory and increased pin assignments to meet the needs of more diverse products.

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