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GUC and M31 Bundle USB 3.0 Solution

Published: Jan 03,2014


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Asus Partnered with Intel and China Supply Chain

TAIPEI — Asus will unveil more mid-range or entry-level new smartphone lineup, and use Intel chips instead of MediaTek, also rely more on China supply chain. However, Asus will soonest announce the cooperation with Intel in Consumer Electronics Show (CES) next week...

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TOPCO’s High-tech and Green Tourism Factory

The high tech industrious solution provider, TOPCO Science co., unprecedentedly entered into food supply chain to set up a high-tech tourism factory named “TOPCO & Yasunagafresh” in Yilan County, Taiwan, which will introduce into green concept by adopting TSMC’s Thin-film Photovoltaic...

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BMEDC Develop EEG Video Game to Help Rehabilitation

Biomedical Engineering Research and Development Center (BMEDC) of China Medical University Taiwan, develop a gaming system with EEG and somatosensory control technology, organized the“heart interpersonal brainwave war gaming contest”with Institute of Information Industry (III), to make more in-depth understanding of the IT industry around the actual needs of physically disabled and developed more human assistive technology and games...

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GAMC Biotech Develop Anticancer X-ray for Animal Remedy

Specialized transmission X-ray tube tech will firstly develop in the field of anti-cancer application for animals and cure diseased animals with Taiwan university veterinary hospital, announced by GAMC biotech co. on Monday. In addition, anti-cancer center will be set up through Taiwan for the first quarter of the next year...

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MediaTek Is Favored by Taiwan Mobile

TAIPEI — MediaTek System on Chip (SoC) not only are favored by those so-called white box from China, Taiwan Mobile announced the company's own branded handheld devices lineup Monday, four of which all carried MediaTek chips, respectively...

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5 Predictions of the Worldwide TFT-LCD and Semiconductor Industries

Drawing from the latest research, Taiwan`s MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute), an ICT industry research institute based in Taipei, proposes the following five predictions in the worldwide TFT-LCD (Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display) and semiconductor industries in 2014...

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