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TSMC is Extremely Possible the Exclusive Manufacturer for Apple A10 in 2016

By Vincent Wang
Published: Nov 05,2015

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The ‘Chipgate’ is nothing but a providential or a magically lucky to TSMC. The company is set to become the exclusive manufacturer of an Apple A10 processor for next-generation iPhones, cutting Samsung out of the loop, according to Guo Ming-qi, an Analyst of Taiwan KGI.

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Guo Ming-qi stated that the next-generation iPhones — presumably an iPhone 7 and 7 Plus production will begin in the third quarter next year. And its A10 processor is using a 16-nanometer process, the chip is said to use the company’s state-of-the-art InFO (integrated fan out) architecture, said to be mass-produced in March, 2016 offering advantages such as cutting costs and streamlining manufacturing.

Furthermore, it could also potentially allow Apple to switch to a system-in-package arrangement similar to the S1 in the Apple Watch, which might make the A10 more efficient, and allow future iPhones to either shrink further or make room for other upgrades like bigger batteries.

However, the A9 processor in the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus is reportedly being manufactured by both Samsung and TSMC. In the past, Samsung was the exclusive maker of A-series chips at a factory in Austin, Texas, but sheer demand, Apple's desire to distance itself from Samsung and the ‘Chipgate’ may have led to TSMC entering the picture.

Moreover, TSMC is expected to keep producing A8 chips for devices like the Apple TV and iPad mini 4.

The ‘Chipgate’ between TSMC and Samsung resulted from the well-known tech YouTubers, Austin Evans and Jonathan Morrison both uploaded videos in early October showing how they tested the TSMC and Samsung models against each other and ended up with the same conclusion: You’ll get better battery life from the TSMC model.

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