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Airoha Technology Eyes on Broadband, Automotive and LEO Satellite Markets

By Wang Xiu Chen
Published: Aug 01,2023

TAIPEI, Taiwan - During the last 20 years, Airoha Technology, a Taiwanese fabless IC design house, MediaTek’s subsidiary has engaged in networking IC technologies development including the xDSL copper wire, GPON, xG-PON, and optical fiber. After each generation of specification of network technology had been published and penetrated the market for about ten years, Airoha keeps building up its high technology abilities and will be their main growing power in the future.

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Airoha Technology has also worked hard for 20 years with the iteration of Bluetooth, and the technology has been superimposed from generation to generation to stabilize the high-end market. The specifications of each generation of Bluetooth standards must be backward compatible, and the threshold is getting higher and higher. Airoha Technology continues to build solid technical barriers.

Airoha started from Bluetooth 1.0, and has become a leading manufacturer until Bluetooth 5.3, which is currently on the market.

Airoha Technology's core technology are Edge AI, low power consumption, ultra-high-speed mixed-signal, multi-core parallel network processor.

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