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Avalue Unveils Expandable Rugged Embedded System, EMS-SKLU, with 6th-Gen Intel Core Processors

Published: Oct 27,2016

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Avalue Technology unveils the latest expandable rugged system equipped with 6th generation Intel Core processors for demanding applications, such as factory automation, industrial control, transportations and so on. With the exceptional system performance powered by the new 6th generation Intel Core processors, sophisticated designed expansion modules and the outstanding ruggedized mechanical features, EMS-SKLU is to solve all kinds of problems in harsh environment operation.

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The new generation Intel processor offers lower power consumption and better system performance than last generation. The TDP is only 15 watts and 26-37 watts while computer is running on full power: this new platform delivers 80% (max.) lower CPU power consumption with 26% CPU performance improved! Furthermore, the latest Intel HD Graphics 520 graphic engine supports DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.4, and OpenCL 2.0 APIs. The multimedia performance is outstanding and could bring users great visual experience.

Benefited from the powerful new generation Intel CPU, EMS-SKLU is able to provide remarkable system performance, outstanding multimedia effects and incredible data processing capability. This unit itself supports 260-pin DDR4, up to 16GB (2133 MHz) and 2.5 swappable SATAIII HDD. 2 COM and 4 USB 3.0 ports are provided for general device connection; Mini PCIe, 12-bit GPIO connector and SMBUS are available for industrial applications. In addition, 2 LANs, 2SIM card slots and 2 sets of antenna mounting holes are designed for greater flexibility in network and mobile broadband applications.

EMS-SKLU is a slim, low weight and low profile embedded system. For the best balance between product size and system performance, EMS-SKLU supports IET, intelligent expansion technology for better expansion ability. Simply speaking, IET is an 80-pin connector with several signals reserved on the system board which is able to connect to different IET modules for different applications.

EMS-SKLU comes with several stackable IET expansion modules for option to meet a variety of applications. For example, 4/8 COM+2USB modules are for industrial control or when multi peripherals/accessories connection is required. 4-LAN module is suitable for netcom-related industries; DVI/HDMI module is for an external monitor or specific multimedia device connections; 2 mini PCIs module is able to provide the flexibility of equipment expansion.

There are several IET expansion modules ready for users’ options. Other benefits of IET concept are saving inventory space, cost control and improvement of the turnover rate of raw materials. When customized requirements occur, all what to do is simply to create a suitable IET module. For the rising demands of compact products but also the sufficient performance is required, smart technologies like IET is the answer for both.

To be a strong embedded system used in harsh environment, EMS-SKLU is given with several ruggedized features: metal chassis with IP-50 rating, fanless operation with sufficient thermal solutions, cable-less design for stability, reliability, easy assembly and maintenance. Furthermore, wide operation temperature (-20 ° C ~ +60 ° C, -4°F ~ 140°F) and wide voltage(+9 ~ +32 V) input with anti-interference capability protect computer from overload short circuits and guarantee a normal function system in demanding industrial applications.

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