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HOLTEK New BP66FW1242 Wireless Charger Rx MCU

Published: Feb 17,2022

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Holtek announced the release of its new WPC Qi certified, sub-5W wireless charger receiver MCU, the BP66FW1242. The device conforms to the Qi communication protocol and includes an integrated linear wireless charger.

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Together with other rich peripheral resources, the devices provides functions for wireless charging, lithium battery charging and discharging management and product system control. The device is very suitable for small size wireless charging lithium battery products, such as TWS headset storage cases.

The device contains a 4K×16 Flash Program Memory, a 256×8 RAM and a 128×8 EEPROM. With regards to peripheral features, the device also includes multi-function Timer Modules, a 12-bit A/D converter and SPI/I²C and UART communication interfaces.

Lithium battery charging and discharging as well as temperature management is catered for by including an integrated 1A (max.) linear charger, an OTD circuit and a 2V/3V/4V±1% ADC reference voltage. Internally is a full-bridge rectifier, R-type and C-type modulation circuits and also a Qi protocol library is provided, which are all compliant with the WPC Qi V1.2.4 certification.

Integrating the external detection circuitry allows for a saving of more than 10 external components. The device is supplied in a 32-pin QFN (4mm×4mm) small package type, which permits PCB area reduction as well as simplifying PCB layout and architecture design.

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