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Release its new integrated PIR/Microwave AFE and LDO Flash MCU

Published: May 03,2022

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Holtek Announces the release of its new integrated PIR/Microwave AFE and LDO Flash MCU, the BA45F6640. By only adding an external PIR sensor or a microwave module, a human body motion detection function can be implemented. The device has a long detection range of up to 12 meters and also has anti-RF interference making it suitable for use in Internet of Things products, security and lighting application areas, such as wireless human body sensors, intelligent doorbells, PIR wireless network cameras and PIR/microwave sensing bulbs etc.

The BA45F6640 has an operating voltage of 2.2V~5.5V. The device contains a 4K×16 Flash program memory, a 384×8 RAM and a 64×8 EEPROM. With regards to peripheral features, the device also includes an 8-channel 12-bit A/D Converter as well as SPI/I²C and UART communication interfaces. The device includes an integrated auto conversion function which can implement auto periodic detection when in the power-saving mode. An internal temperature sensor is used to compensate the sensitivity of the detection function. Using this device results in a large reduction in the required number of external components, thus simplifying the circuit design.

The device is supplied in 24/28-pin SSOP and 28-pin QFN package types. Compared with the previous BA45F6630/6622 device, the BA45F6640 contains the same PIR/Microwave AFE circuit, however this new device provides increased Flash program memory and RAM memory capacity, allowing it to meet the requirements of an even more diverse range of human body motion detection products.

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