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Macronix Going to Benefit From Smartphone and Car

Published: Jan 28,2014


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AUO Keeps Its Technological Lead in TFT-LCD

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — AU Optronics Co. (AUO) held its investor conference and announced its unaudited consolidated financial results for the fourth quarter and fiscal year of 2013 on Monday. Looking forward to 2014, displays will continue to follow the trends of better resolution and bigger screens...

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Intel Works With Three Taiwan Leading Firms for Student Tablet

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — Intel will release a 8-inch Android tablet that is powered by Bay Trail processor by the end of the fouth quarter this year, and the price tag is NT$ 2,970 (US$99) according to suppliers. Intel also unveiled a notebook and a tablet last week aimed to school market in collaboration with Asus, ECS, and Quanta...

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Friendly Restaurant App to Assist Physically Challenged People

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — Human Technology is an internatonally well-known advertising campaign slogan, the Department of Information and Technology Education of MOE in collaboration with the NCTU unveiled a Friendly Restaurant App that is designed for physically challenged people, which realizing the slogan into daily life...

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4G Is a Good Business for Arcadyan

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — As Taiwan has just ended the fourth-generation (4G) spectrum auction on last November and China also been constructing 4G infrastructure, which led to President of Arcadyan Lee HY gave positive response towards 4G-related business the demand of 4G Small Cell will rise and create a crowding-out effect for 3G Small Cell any time soon...

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2014 Mobile Communications Summit holds in Taipei

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — What are the chances and challenges over 4G/LTE or even 5G generation? ITRI held 2014 Mobile Communications Taipei Summit, and 3rd Generration Partnership Project (3GPP) firstly come to Taiwan discussing IC designation, facility integration, and business service with Chunhua Telecom, MediaTek, and Arcadyan Tech...

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Inventec: Cloud, Solar,Social Responsibility in 2014

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — The Taiwan-based ODM Inventec Co. held a year-end party on Tuesday and the company chairman Richard Lee said that there are 5 goals to reach in 2014, the most important of which are CSSR that referring to cloud computing, solar energy business, and social responsibility...

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