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COMPUTEX d&i award 2014 is On The Go

By Vincent Wang
Published: May 13,2014

At the coming COMPUTEX TAIPEI, the iF DESIGN ASIA conducted COMPUTEX d&i awards will be its highlight, which the most innovative designs from Taiwan will be awarded. Before this big event, CTIMES interviewed Sean Lee, Managng Director of iF DESIGN ASIA to introduce d&i awards and give us a clear picture in advance.

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“With over 30 years of Taiwan IT experience, COMPUTEX TAIPEI has developed from originally a purely regional exhibition located in Taipei into the largest IT exhibition in Asia.” Sean Lee first stated the backgroud of COMPUTEX, “ Numerous IT products now affect us in our daily life. At the same time however, more and more people are requesting meaningful innovation and good design.” he added, referring to the original concept of encouraging Taiwan's good design.

Having co-worked with TAITRA for a long time, he found the mission to put design and innovation as important essence for the COMPUTEX TAIPEI trade fair. Therefore, iF DESIGN ASIA were invited by TAITRA since 2008 to organize the COMPUTEX d&i awards, with the purpose of providing a presentation platform for demonstrating technological advances combined with outstanding design.

New products/designs are affected very much by breakthrough in science and technology, which include new material, new manufacturing process and new contents etc. The social and lifestyle changes also influence a lot on the product development.

Figure I: Sean Lee, Managng Director of iF DESIGN ASIA
Figure I: Sean Lee, Managng Director of iF DESIGN ASIA

Judging from this year's d&i awards' applicants, Sean Lee explanied that network/wireless application (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC): scanner, mouse/keyboard, flash drive, power charger, headphone, speaker, data storage, projector, audio hub/music receiver, and video player products are still the mainstream.

However, entertainment/gaming plays an important role more than ever, many firms have rolled out gaming laptop and gaming-related products, aiming to provide better gaming experience. “From mobility/wearable devices: traveling router, projector, power pack to smart home: security system, camera, alarm, and the water resistant/hard environment resistant/automobile/magnetic.” said Sean Lee, showing the IT market trend has a great impact on the awards' applicants.

Figure II: 2014's applicants' categories of d & i awards
Figure II: 2014's applicants' categories of d & i awards

“We've also noticed that we have more and more products coming that's only for niche markets, and/or only focus on a single function, which some of us might never need. That's a good sign which shows that the companies are focusing more and more on a certain direction, and are clear about their identity in the industry/market.” Sean Lee added.

Taiwan is famous for its IT industry, and almost has become Taiwan' signature industry, that's why the role of Taiwan in d&i awards deserve much attention. “We strongly believe technical progress is the basis for all changes, and design and innovation are the competitive edge for technology products.” said Sean Lee.

“Taiwan has played a major role in the global technology industry through strong research, development and manufacturing capabilities. Taiwanese technology companies in recent years have proven the island has increased its capability from research, development, and manufacture toward design.” Sean Lee furthur illustrated his opinions.

“Therefore, we hope Taiwan's continuous efforts and investment in design and innovation would make the award become the ultimate prize for technology companies, operating and striving for the highest level of excellence.” Sean Lee commented.

The development of information technology is quick. People always said that plans can never keep up with changes. When being asked about the future plans on d&i awards, Sean Lee said “We can only keep working with TAITRA pay attention to the new technical progresses and social changes to adjust the contents of COMPUTEX TAIPEI and the categories of d&i awards.”

“We will continue to build up the value of the d&i award, and to find more benefits for the winners. With good jury panel and iF's professional commitment, I'm sure good awarded results would bring positive development on the IT industries.”

Figure III: It has been almost eight years since the iF opened its branch office in Taipei, the important milestones are as follows:
Figure III: It has been almost eight years since the iF opened its branch office in Taipei, the important milestones are as follows:

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