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Avalue Launched the SPC Series, Stainless Steel and Anti-Dirt Tablet PC

Avalue's SPC series 1533 Full Plane Tablet PC is designed exclusively for heavily polluted environments. The whole device comes with a design of water resistance, anti-dirt and easy-to-clean, making it especially suitable for meat processing industry...

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Solderless and direct plug-in connectors

Würth Elektronik eiSos introduces its new “REDFIT IDC SKEDD WR-WST connectors” product family: solderless, space-saving and multi-pluggable connectors for signal transmission. The electronics and electromechanical components manufactur...

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Onboard WiFi, Bluetooth, and Storage Strengthen the World’s Smallest Maker Board

AAEON announces the launch of the UP Core, the world’s smallest maker board. The 56.5mm x 66mm board draws on the breakthroughs made by AAEON’s UP and UP2 boards and delivers a combination of high-performance and low-power-consumption s...

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Toshiba Releases Photorelay for Factory Automation and Other Industrial Applications

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation has released the new TLP3122A photorelay for factory automation and other industrial applications including building automation, security and semiconductor testing. The new photorelay integ...

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EMB-2230: Pico-ITX ARM Board with 40-Pin Expansion Header for Flexibility and Versatility

The EMB-2230 brings the power and flexibility of an ARM Cortex A9 processor to the IoT devices meant to perform more demanding tasks. Designed for slim Panel PC and Tablet applications , the EMB-2230 sets itself apart with an extremely small...