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Survey: People Concerning Their Data Privacy in AI Applications

By Korbin Lan
Published: Feb 16,2023

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Cisco recently released a global annual survey. The research indicated that enterprises continue to invest in privacy protection, and the average cost of Taiwanese companies is increased to 2.7 million $USD from 1.8 million $USD two years ago. However, there is 88% of interviewees consider that enterprises should enforce customer data privacy protection in AI applications. The research also finds out that there is a priority difference in privacy protection between enterprises and consumers.

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The survey pointed out that the data privacy protection measures conducted by the enterprise are hugely mismatched with the expectation of customers, especially referring to how AI is being used and the way of enterprises use AI.

According to Cisco’s survey, There is 60% of global consumers concerning about how enterprises use AI and the way they use it, and there is 65% of interviewees will lose their confidence in the entire company because of the way they use AI.

Consumers also said the best way for enterprises in establishing the confidence of customers is to provide the options of using AI applications that they can choose to use or not. However, the survey showed that providing the choice to exit AI applications is ranking last(8%) in most data privacy protection measures. And Taiwanese enterprises are in line with the global trend.

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