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AUO President Frank Ko Presents Online Keynote on “Display Innovations in the New Normal Economy”

Published: Aug 10,2020


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Acer Reports July Consolidated Revenues of NT$23.24B, Up 26.9% YoY

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Acer announced its consolidated revenues for July at NT$23.24 billion, up 26.9% year-on-year (YoY). For year-to-July, consolidated revenues were NT$137.70 billion, growing by 7.5% YoY. Work-from-home and online learning needs remain strong, and market demand is higher than supply...

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China's Smartphone Market Narrowed its Decline to -10.3% in Q220

According to the IDC Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, 87.8 million smartphones were shipped in China during the second quarter of 2020, down 10.3% year-on-year. Evidently, consumer sentiment was a challenge but this was still a narrower figure compared to the first quarter's 20...

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Intel’s Stumble in Leading-edge Chips Race Gives Rivals an Opportunity to Catch up, Says GlobalData

Intel has fallen behind in its ability to make commercially ready, leading-edge chips in sufficient volumes, opening the door to its main rivals, AMD and Nvidia, says GlobalData. Intel’s recent bombshell that it has stumbled - yet again - in the production of its 7-nanometer (nm) parts was a shock to the industry nonetheless...

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MediaTek and Intel Advance Partnership to Bring 5G to Next Generation of PCs

HSINCHU, Taiwan –MediaTek today announced advances in its collaboration with Intel to bring 5G experiences to next-generation PCs with the successful development and certification of its 5G modem data card. MediaTek’s T700 5G modem, which will be used to bring 5G connectivity to Intel-powered PCs, completed 5G standalone (SA) calls in real world test scenarios...

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DOT Designs u-blox LTE Cat 1 Module with 2G Fallback into Its Ultra-robust Solar Telematics Tracker

u-blox announced that, going forward, DOT Telematik und Systemtechnik GmbH’s ultra-robust, solar-powered X-Rayl Solar Pointer logistics tracker will feature the u-blox LARA-R211 LTE Cat 1 modem with GSM fallback and positioning capability...

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SESTO Robotics Launches SESTO Magnus Autonomous Mobile Robot

Singapore’s autonomous mobile robot company SESTO Robotics has launched SESTO Magnus - a bi-directional, compact autonomous mobile robot able to carry loads up to 300kg. Having the highest payload rating in the compact class, SESTO Magnus is designed to automate material handling processes in manufacturing, commercial and healthcare industries...

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