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Winners of d&i award:Silicon Power Storage

By Korbin Lan
Published: Jun 06,2014

Currently, although USB drive and portable HD are acquired by lots of people, they were treated as inconspicuous storage devices without further attention. However, those products means everything to Silicon Power and it’s the dedicated works on portable storage devices lead their way to COMPUTEX d&i award 2014.

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Silicon Power is the artist in portable storage device industry. We find out that from its biggest design team among Taiwan industry, excellent personnel quality and most of all, its ambition toward storage product design.

“Our target is to win international design awards.” said by Wind Shen, R&D Division Director of Silicon Power.

Shen also mentions that the whole Silicon Power team values originality of product design, no matter from investor or design team’s point of view.

Figure I: Three award winning products from Silicon Power this year
Figure I: Three award winning products from Silicon Power this year

There are total three award winning products from Silicon Power this year and they are Touch 825 USB drive, Thunder T11 external SSD and Jewel J05/Unique 510 USB drive.

The design concept for Touch 825 comes from paperclips and the 360 degree flexible cap-less design takes away the possibility of losing the cover cap. Furthermore, the notch design on the bottom provides paperclip like functions to attach USB on files or notebooks so users do not have to worry about storing or finding USB drives. Besides, stainless steel material enhances the visual effects and practicality. Above are the reasons for Touch 825 not only winning COMPUTEX d&I awards but “Germany iF Product Design Award” and “China Red Star Design Award”.

As for Thunder T11, it is the smallest and lightest Thunderbolt external SSD which designed exclusively for MacBook Air. The aluminum shell only weights 65g and dimension stands only half comparing with similar products from other brands. Thunder T11 has been approved by both Intel and Apple system. Its mSATA SSD application instead of 2.5 inch SSD is capable of 380MB/340MB per second write/read speed which is three times faster than USB 3.0, also capable of transmitting 10GB audio/video files in 30 seconds and playing 4K/2K high definition video instantly.

Jewel J05 & Unique 510 on the other hand is designed special for female users based on the light lock shape design, colorful figure and stylish contemporary. Micro COB package technology has been applied to minimize the dimension of USB drive and also cover golden fingers effectively to prevent data loss and corruption. Besides, cap-less design frees users form worries about cap-loss and tremendously enhances the durability and practicability. Furthermore, rubber case adoption brings better protection from water, vibration and fingerprints.

“SP brand is created for users who appreciates independence and cherish self options. “said Eric Lin, mechanical Development Div. / Industrial Design Dept. Ⅱ Manager of Silicon Power.

Eric mentions that the brand positioning of SP comes from whole team’s thirst to provide perfect product and service to users. It can be simply a choice, personal experience, or even unique designed products to demonstrate your distinctiveness on daily life.

“For Silicon Power, we treat our products more than digital storage devices, but promises and persist toward our customers. We both know that products on the market share similar specs. Thus, for us, SP brand is actually selling creativity and design. “, said Eric.

Figure II: Eric Lin (L) and Wind Shen (R) hold their award winning products
Figure II: Eric Lin (L) and Wind Shen (R) hold their award winning products

Practically speaking, SP tries to increase product’s “added value” from design. Except for memory/storage functions, Silicon Power provides higher quality using experience for users. SP’s effort does push sales revenue for award-winning products really are more popular.

Winning world’s top three design award (iF and Reddot from German, IDEA from United States)does not satisfy SP team, they are still and will be still working on higher quality and more practical products for users.

“We hope we can stick to our faiths using different color applications, aesthetic point of view, function design and multiple value added services to turn SP to a brand highlighting the uniqueness and exclusiveness. “, said Wind Shen.

“Our final goal is to be the international brand of storage industry. “Memory is Personal” is not only SP’s industry culture and belief, but the promise to all consumers while SP marching to international market.”

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